Note: The Alt15K/WD Rev2 version uses a different PCB and circuitry than the previous version. As a result, there is no way to upgrade an earlier Alt15K/WD to the Rev2 version.

New Features for Rev2 Version:

Precision sensor records flights up to 15,000 feet MSL

All data are stored in nonvolatile memory and are preserved even if power is lost

Advanced firmware algorithms detect apogee properly even during Mach speed flights

High performance A/D and precise factory calibration for superior accuracy

Rugged SMD construction, stringent QC testing, and internal self-diagnostics assure reliability

Miniature type A23 12V battery provides over 20 hours of continuous operation

Measures just 3.1"L * 0.55"W * 0.55"H, fits in 18mm BT20, weighs 0.5 oz. with battery

Backed by a full three year warranty

Expanded flight memory

The most recent three flight curves are now stored in nonvolatile memory for download. This eliminates the need to download the flight curve after each flight; three flights can be made between downloads. All data are preserved even with power off.

User selectable Launch Detect Threshold

Launch detect can be set from 40' to 250' above ground using the computer interface. Lower values allow data to be gathered from low altitude flights, higher values offer more resistance to false triggering due to wind gusts.

Improved 16 bit A/D conversion

Reports peak altitude to nearest foot. One foot resolution in stored flight data provides smoother, more useful flight curves even with low altitude flights.

Power switch connector

Use the supplied shunt as a simple ON/OFF switch, or attach an external switch with the optional cable. This reduces wear and stress on the battery holder by allowing the battery to be left in place between flights. An external switch can also simplify the rocket preparation process.

Brown Out protection

The altimeter can survive a 2 second loss of power without affecting operation. If the battery or switch terminals break connection momentarily during hard acceleration or chute deployment shock, the altimeter will continue to operate properly.

Built-in battery voltmeter

Reports the current battery voltage on power-up. No more guessing about whether the battery is good or bad.

Low battery alarm

Sounds a continuous tone if battery voltage drops below 5.5 volts.

Power loss detection

The altimeter will sound a distinctive hi/low alarm tone sequence on powerup if power was lost during the last flight.

Mounting holes for increased mounting flexibility

Use the supplied mounting hardware to attach the altimeter to a mounting plate in your rocket, or just slip it into a padded tube as was done previously.

More accessible data connector

The connector has been moved to the edge of the circuit board for easier access.