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We've streamlined our site to make things easier to find, and added more information and a gallery of customer photos.  The product pages now have links to PerfectFlite Direct, our discount webstore, for fast and secure online ordering.  

Take a look at our new line of altimeters - the StratoLogger, Pnut, and the APRA, and you’ll be sure to be impressed with their new features and affordable pricing.  The StratoLogger, for instance, can control deployment and record flight data from just about any flight imaginable - up to 100,000’ - yet it costs less than $80.00.  Give one a try today, and you’ll join the ranks of our thousands of satisfied customers!

If you have any suggestions or would like to submit some of your own photos or videos, please contact us at "info@perfectflite.com".  Thank you, and enjoy the site!


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