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Bridgeton Area Rocket Club (BARC) - NAR section #775, located in New Jersey. BARC was established in 2014 by Mike Zapolski, Sr. BARC offers year-round HPR launches to 5,000 feet, with current launch capability of A to J motors. In 2016, launch capability will be extended to include K to L motors, with a 8,000 foot waiver. Additional information is also available on the BARC Facebook page.

CATO - A Connecticut based club, formed in 1998 as both Tripoli Prefecture #27 and NAR section #581.  Rocketeers of all ages and abilities are welcome at their launches. CATO organizes the Northeast Regional Rocket Festival (NERRF) each year.

Champlain Region Model Rocket Club - A club in Maine, chartered in 2002 as  NAR section #643.  They fly on the third Sunday of each month, weather permitting. All kinds of rockets are launched, from 3 inch Micro Maxx up through high power rockets . “Rocketeers of all ages..,” are welcome, “...from the kids on up to the kids at heart.”

METRA - Tripoli Prefecture #94. METRA hosts launches in New York, featuring model, mid-power, and high power rockets as well as experimental and research rocketry.

Radical Rocketeers - NAR  Section #712 in Great Meadows, New Jersey. We are a low/mid/high power club with a 5,000 foot waiver. We also hold several NAR sanctioned contests every year. All are welcome to come and fly with us on the second Saturday of every month.

Tripoli Central Virginia, Prefecture #25 - The web site of the Tripoli Central Virginia #25 prefecture. Our launch site is on the Civil War Cedar Mountain Battlefield and we call it BattlePark.  We have a 15,000 foot waiver and fly anything up through “O” motors.

Rockets Magazine - "The Official Magazine of Tripoli Rocketry Association", featuring Tripoli prefecture listings, editorials, manufacturer's news, product reviews, launch information, clubs reports from around the world, and more.

Sport Rocketry Magazine - The official journal of the National Association of Rocketry, featuring regional launch coverage, "how to" articles, rocket plans, scale data, competition tips, product reviews, and more.

Apogee's Model Rocket Educational Guide - A web page devoted to providing useful information about using model rockets in classrooms; it offers pages on information that contain tips on teaching with rocketry, background technical information about model rockets, and things like: projects with model rockets, payloads, special educational rocket kits, how rockets work, safety guidelines, other link lists dealing with rocketry, organizations that support rocketry education, or working with large groups of children.

Dinosaurs Rock! - PerfectFlite customer, Neil Brown, owns this popular company. He offers educational parties, school visits, and summer camps, where kids can learn about dinosaurs, gemstones, and oceanography. You can check out Neil’s rocketry-related activities on his web site, High Powered Rocketry.

Estes Educator Site - A resource center for teachers and youth group leaders including free publication downloads, special quantity bulk pricing for educators, extensive curriculum support materials and learning software.

High Powered Rocketry - Neil Brown’s informative web site, packed with “Lots of Videos and How-To Info.”

Jim Ball's Scale Library of Missile Data - This web site is a free resource of photographs, drawings, and fact sheets, gathered from various Military organizations, public access web sites, private individuals, and other sources. Mr. Ball is a scale model enthusiast who offers this information to assist others in designing and building accurate scale models.

NAR Educational Services - The NAR Educational Services are provided by the Student Experimental Payload (SEP) Program, an independent non-profit organization that launches student experiments, conducts teacher workshops, and demontrates model rocketry at schools.

NARTREK - The National Association of Rocketry Training Rocketeers for Experience and Knowledge is a self-paced program designed to improve one's knowledge and skill in rocketry; the program is intended for NAR affiliated rocketry modelers over 18 years of age.

NATREK Cadet Program - A NARTREK program for modelers under the age of 18; one does NOT need to be a member of the NAR to participate.

NASA - National Aeronautics & Space Administration

US Water Rockets - A site devoted to the development and use of water rockets.

Australian Rocketry Forum - “The Forum for Australian Rocketry is intended to provide a warm, friendly atmosphere for the Australian Rocketry community.”

Australian Rocketry Association Forum - Official forum for members of the Australian Rocketry Association.

EMRR RocketReviews.com - Formerly Essences's Model Rocketry Reviews: An online rocketry resource, offering rocketry related articles, reviews, flight logs, stories, tips, and more.

European Model Rocketry - A European online rocketry reference, available in English or German, offering general information, "Europe's most complete link lists (incl. dealers-, clubs- and rocketeers directory)," a book reference list, an interactive forum and chat, auctions, pictures, a meta search engine, a newsletter, and many services for webmasters.

The Rocketry Forum - “The Rocketry Forum (TRF) is a forum dedicated to hobby rocketry, model rocketry and high power rocketry. Our members encompass all walks of life, and have a diverse range of skill levels and experience, from Estes A motors up through Cesaroni and AeroTech N motors. Our members come from Tripoli Rocketry Association, the National Association of Rocketry (NAR), the Canadian Association of Rocketry (CAR), the United Kingdom Rocketry Association (UKRA) and many others. Some even engage in Research / Experimental Rocketry. High Power Rocketry has been featured on the Discovery Channel.”

Rocketry Center - A new rocketry forum started in 2016. Rocketry discussion only! :) This forum is owned and moderated by volunteer rocketeers.

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CPR3000 Adapters for Stratologger Altimeters - Created by Rocketarium, these adapters allow the easy installation of SL100 or SLCF altimeters in Public Missiles CPR 3000 deployment systems. This inexpensive adapter is available at Rocketarium.


AMRS - Australian Model Rocket Society, Inc. official site.

ARA - Australian Rocketry Association, Inc. official site.

NAR - National Association of Rocketry official site.

Tripoli - Tripoli Rocketry Association, Inc. official site.