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Ray Shepard earned his Level 3 at LDRS XXX, deciding to use two StratoLogger altimeters for deployment. He later wrote to explain, "I had planned on using one on my level 3 project and one on another high altitude Wildman rocket I was working on. However, after I plugged them up with the new interface and saw how easy it was to program them for my level 3 settings, I decided to use them as a pair for both my primary and backup on my level 3 project. I know that in the eyes of some, that may not be a good choice but I contacted my primary TAP, Paul Holmes, and he said that if I had confidence in the product, it did not bother him at all to have 2 sets of the same. Long story short - the flight was successful.  A beautiful shot to 7,472 on a Cesaroni M2505.  Thought I would send you the files so you could see the amazing consistency in your product.  Both altimeters recorded the same altitude to the foot." Congratulations, Ray!

Ray Shepard’s Level 3 Project
Ray and friends at pad
Ray and Jim Hendrickson
Ray Shepard's L3 Launch
Ray Shepard's rocket's deployment
Ray Shepard's rocket - landing
Ray Shepard rejoices!
Ray Shepard and friends heading back to site
Loading Ray's rocket onto the RTV
LCO checking out rocket
Two StratoLogger altimeters in Ray's rocket
Ray Shepard L3 Presentation