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DT4U USB Data Transfer Kit

Replaces earlier DT3U USB Data Transfer Kit.

This data transfer kit incorporates level shifting and USB conversion circuitry to make the logic level signals from the altimeter compatible with standard USB ports. It also includes a USB A to USB micro B cable to connect to the host computer.

The included Pnut and StratoLogger software will transfer the data from the altimeter to your computer, save it to a disk file, and plot/print altitude, velocity, voltage, and temperature curves. Comments can be added and are saved/printed along with the data.  The software can also be used to setup/configure changeable parameters within the altimeter and is compatible with Mac OS X and Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

The original Alt15K/WD and miniAlt/WD software is also included on the CD (see description under product listing for DT2U Data Transfer Kit).

The software, drivers, and user’s manual are available for download from our Downloads area.

Note: The DT4U is not intended for the Firefly altimeter, which does not capture a full flight curve for download. You may want to consider the Firefly Field Data Display.


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